Site update and future plans

Hey everyone, Kev again…

Over the last few weeks or so I have been thinking of ways that I can improve my site for everyone, so I have decided that over the next few weeks or months I will be trying to design some free WordPress themes that anyone can use. While using them for your own site is totally free obviously you will be required to keep a link in the footer to my website however I will be setting up a donation box for my site so those that do use my themes will be able to donate to my site and request a “link removal” service.

People that donate will then be able to use a single theme on a single domain with unlimited use without any link back to my site, however full copyright and ownership will remain mine. If you would like a custom theme of your own and have full ownership of the theme you can request a “Custom theme service” for a quoted fee.

Obviously I am still in the early stages of planning at the moment and with lots of things going on away from the internet these services won’t be coming in just yet however I do plan to bring them in very soon, along with an updated theme for KevFahey-Gaming which I plan to start in the next few weeks or so.

I know there are lots of designers out there that WordPress users are going to however I will offer more services and support, for less money, where most designers charge £45+ for a simple theme I will be offering theme design & installation with a fast turn around but for around half the price.

I will be updating the blog again as soon as possible with more information and I will also be adding a Request form so everyone can email me for a quotation.