Site updates

Hey everyone!

Just a quick message to let everyone know that I have sorted a few things on the site that were somewhat annoying me however I never got round to actually sorting them out until now, below you can find a list of what I’ve done.

Contact Form:
So this one is pretty obvious to those that viewed my site before… Due to a few teething issues with the contact form generator visitors had no way to actually contact me however I have dealt with those issues and now have a fully functional form on the contact page.

Social Media Icons:
Again, for those that viewed my site before today you may have noticed that when you clicked on my social media icons for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube you just saw the image pop up on screen. The reason they were linking to the image was because I never got round to adding the links in before exporting however I have now added the links to the corresponding icon.

However, the Facebook icon will direct you to an unlisted page on my website I have not got a public Facebook page at this time but this is something I am working on.

I have to admit I am pretty hooked on Instagram lately and as I have been on there a while I thought I might as well let everyone find me over there as well, so below the social media icons you will find the Instagram “View me on Instagram” icon.

PC Spec’s:
From time to time I tend to get people asking me the same old question, “what are your PC Specs” or “what are you running in your PC” and half the time I can’t even remember everything as it really isn’t anything special. Sure when people come into my studio (which is rare) they say it looks amazing etc.

Anyway, I have now updated the Pc Spec’s page to include pretty much everything both inside and outside of my Pc from Ram, Hard Drives, Processor and so on so now my answer can be easier answered!

So that is what I have done tonight, I know it doesn’t seem much but I had spent a lot of sleepless nights fixing bugs etc before everything was exported and uploaded to the server. I do have more plans for the future but for now they aren’t really important and can wait until I have built up a larger following when they will actually come into use.

Thanks everyone