Sod’s Law strikes again!

Hey everyone!!

So some may remember I posted previously about how my gaming pc’s SSD had failed, well now my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has gone down the same route and suffered a fault.

I have been in contact with Samsung and they confirmed the issues I have been having over the last week where my phone went flat all of a sudden, then I was unable to charge it before the phone would randomly boot up for a few minutes before crashing….becoming very annoying.

Samsung have promised that as my phone is still under a year old I am still well within their 2 year warranty so the phone will have to be sent off to their main service centre where their engineers can diagnose the fault and “hopefully” repair it as soon as possible, luckily it should be done rather quickly and I shouldn’t be left without a phone for very long….Same can’t be said with Novatech or SanDsic but that’s another post!

So yes, this has just been a little rant post, normal posting will resume soon as I have a few reviews to post as well as some other stuff so for now….Thanks for reading.