Taking a break from YouTube?

Hey everyone!

I have decided to take a short break from YouTube due to personal reasons and today I decided to inform everyone as to why I’ve made the decision, trust me it wasn’t easy as it completely messes with my production schedule as I record and edit daily (even if I don’t upload daily) but I feel it’s something I need to do.

Why am I taking a break?

I am unable to discuss everything about what’s going on publicly but the main thing is that both myself and my father have decided to relocate, we were planning on staying in the area where we are at the moment but due to the fact we don’t get any visitors and it appears people around here don’t really bother with us (some family even ignore me online) I decided there is nothing keeping us where we are.

We had the idea of moving house again due to the internet speeds limiting what I can do and preventing me from doing certain things that I plan on doing however we weren’t really planning on moving far, I did want to stay in the County as we aren’t too far from where I was born but due to how I feel when it comes to family relationships they are pretty much non-existent… I often feel like my family don’t want to be a part of my life or have any belief in my venture, so we’re going.

Obviously I’m not going to post on the internet exactly where we are moving to and actually I’ve decided that only select people will get our new contact details (Phone Number / House Address) but it is some considerable distance north from our current location.

Will you return to YouTube?

YouTube is more than just a career choice for me, It’s also my therapy for my mental health problems and I want to use YouTube as a tool to engage with everyone and raise awareness regarding Mental Health, Physical Health as well as creating other types of content from GamePlays, Unboxings, Reviews and possibly even more. Then you have my up coming Twitch.Tv venture that I plan on starting as well which I haven’t really been able to do due to my low upload speed.

I have some huge plans and ambitions for the next 6 – 12 months including building a new gaming PC, upgrading recording equipment and so much more but the two main things I want to start is a collection of clothing and regular free giveaways!

So stick around and get yourself subscribed to my YouTube channels, follow me on Twitter and join my Facebook group!

Until next time, take care and I’ll see you again soon