The “Beast” gaming pc still dead…

Hey everyone!

So a few weeks ago my gaming PC named “The Beast” suffered hardware failure when the SanDisc SSD died after only 10 months of purchase, it was sent back to Novatech for testing and they confirmed it had failed and was sent back to SanDisc to be replaced under the manufacturers warranty. I was informed that I would have to wait upto 28 days before I receive the replacement so I am currently unable to video any gameplay footage until early 2014.

I had a long conversation with a Novatech engineer who explained that even though SSD’s are truly amazing and a must have if you want fast boot up times etc they don’t come without their faults….and those faults are rather big. The main reason being that the older spindle hard drives are obviously older therefor have had a lot more development whereas the SSD (Solid State Drive) or only around 4 – 5 years old and still require a lot more development to stabilize then.

I have had people asking me if I would recommend an SSD to someone if I was asked and honestly yes I would however those that are looking into running an SSD must realize that they can go wrong so if possibly make regular backups of important files on the SSD as a precaution should it fail….but the pro’s really do out-weigh the cons.

I am due to speak to Novatech again soon regarding out parts I have sent them and I remain hopeful that I get everything back soon so I can begin the rebuilding phase of The Beast sooner rather than later and plan to make a huge name for myself during 2014 so keep an eye on my site for all new gameplay content, reviews and a whole lot more!

Thanks for reading