The “Beast” has a new SSD!!

Hey everyone!

So last month I posted saying how my gaming pc “The Beast” suffered hardware failure of it’s SanDisc SSD, I waited over a month for a replacement but finally it’s arrived and has been fitted to the case. At the same time I thought that since the case was pretty much completely open I’d also give it a good clean out removing the dust build up….but we’ll leave that bit out.

So now the new SSD is here and fitted into the case I am finally a step closer to having the pc back up and running, I just have to wait now to get hold of a new operating system so I have decided that as I am used to Windows 7 on my laptop I might as well get another copy to use on the PC.

I have additional plans to improve to the gaming pc including boosting the RAM however there are plans to build a new gaming pc (obviously “Beast V2”) hopefully sometime this year, the plan is to build a high spec gaming PC that will allow me to record gameplay videos and hopefully even stream live gameplay….Keep an eye on the site for more news.

For now guys, it’s late and I’m tired so I’ll be back with another update soon!

Thanks for reading