The “Beast” is alive!

Hey everyone!

So it’s been a while now since my PC suffered hardware failure of the SanDisc SSD and last month I received a brand new replacement under my warranty with SanDisc, coupled with receiving Windows 7 this morning I have spent hours installing windows, countless updates (still a few left to go) as well as my Norton’s anti virus.

I am now a happy chappy once more now that my gaming PC is now back up and running, using my Hp Envy laptop was fun but you can’t beat using a high performance desktop PC but all that aside this means I am now able to get back into the groove and start producing more gameplay videos for my YouTube channel.

Even with the PC now running again there are still more changes I plan on making to the rig, some may know I was running a dual monitor setup for a while however that was a temporary test how my setup would cope and so I’ve decided that I’ll be adding 2 additional monitors hopefully in the near future which will then aid my plans to start doing some live gameplay streams on Twitch.

I plan to start adding more gameplay content to YouTube within the next few weeks so keep checking my site and my YouTube channel for new videos from the main titles I currently play as well as more that I’ll be adding very soon.

As always, thanks for reading and stick around to stay up to date!