The effects of AdBlock software…

Hey everyone!

Over the last few days I’ve been hearing a lot about AdBlock which is a plugin for internet browsers, the idea behind them is to “hide” adverts from websites or the internet completely and whilst the idea behind it may be good news for some… It’s usually catastrophic news for others.

I am a full time content creator which is how I earn my money, I write blog posts, create reviews and  also produce videos for YouTube but over the last few years whilst AdBlock is becoming more and more popular the ad revenue is dropping.

If you don’t use AdBlock you’ll notice my website runs Adverts, this isn’t because I want them on my site it’s because I have to have them to keep my website online and to generate some form of income.

Many people may ask themselves “what’s the harm?” and to understand what harm it can cause you need to understand how ad revenue works, so I’ll explain how it works as well as explaining the effects that AdBlock has to content creators.

For my Ad Revenue I use Google’s Adsense platform that I integrate to my website using a unique batch of coding, this coding is pasted into the various pages over the site which marks where the adverts will be displayed. When a user comes to my website they load the adverts which will pay me a seriously small amount of money, however if a user see’s an advert of interest and decides to click it… Google pay me a little more money.

So, why does AdBlock affect you?

AdBlock “blocks” these adverts so you don’t see them, however because you don’t see them I don’t get paid for displaying them on the site and because of that I have to either work harder or find other ways to increase my revenue to repair the damage.

Now AdBlock is getting too big and it’s beginning to affect people with more power, Google makes it’s money through adverts displayed over the internet and those people that use AdBlock are forcing Google to take action by blocking AdBlock and forcing people that use the plugin to watch entire adverts without giving the option to skip.

So I am personally asking, if you visit my website and can’t see the adverts… Simply white list my website from your AdBlock software?

Until next time, take care and I’ll speak to you again soon!