The end of KevFaheyVlogs?

Hello everyone!

Firstly for those that may not know, KevFaheyVlogs is my main YouTube Channel where I currently upload all of my Vlogging videos.

However over the last few months or so I’ve been monitoring all of the stats from each video as well as the channel as a whole and some of the stats make for bleak reading, with overall views and subscribers on the up however… Ad revinue the lowest it has ever been since I started out.

Obviously I haven’t been pushing to record daily vlogs but let’s be honest, I’m a gamer with minimal income so most of the uploads were rare and more of a personal nature with only a few uploads being gaming related.

The main reason I have been watching the stats is because I’m at a crossroad with the future of the vlogging channel, do I continue or do I drop it?

Before people call me a “quitter” or whatever else let me explain an idea…

I will continue my venture on YouTube however instead of vlogging, I would switch the channel to a more gameplay focused channel uploading gameplay content with the occasional vlog once a month or so.

This way I can somewhat focus on creating game content then instead of vlogging, I’ll do a lot more of this blog posts on my website.

Please remember this is just an idea at this stage and I want everyone to give me their thoughts so if you’re reading this, feel free to sign up to my site to reply below, you can also tweet to me at “KevFaheyCentral” or even drop me an email on the “Contact Me” page.

I look forward to hearing (or reading) what people think but the main thing to remember is… I plan on doing a lot more content!!

Thanks for reading…