The Logitech G29/G920 Argument continues…

Hey everyone!

So if you haven’t seen on my YouTube Vlogging channel, I posted a video having a bit of a moan at Logitech’s decision to offer us all not one but two brand new steering wheels. When I looked at them both I found that they are being sold for around £300 and they have decided to take the gear stick that the G27 had and made it a £50 added extra.

So that mean’s the new wheel is more than twice the price, but with less in the box and personally I now question Logitech’s sanity and have decided that unless they revert back and include the gear stick in the box or alter the price I will NEVER feature in my studio and I will always advise against others from buying it.

Let’s be honest though, the main reason you buy a steering wheel set is to play driving games with it and a lot of people (kind of like me) enjoy the realistic, simulation feel so the gear stick should be included however we have to pay more? Why…

If anyone reading this is looking for a wheel I can personally say that there is nothing wrong with the Logitech G27, as I’ve already said I own one myself so if you want to buy a wheel follow the steps below…

  1. Save you’re money
  2. Buy a G27!

I also tried to contact Logitech to get an answer as to why and how they came to the decision that all of this was a good idea however they have so far failed to respond to me, as a Logitech owner myself I think it’s a huge shame on their part and the planned purchase of the Logitech C920 has been binned.

I’m sorry this post was late as I’ve been a little busy with stuff today but rest assured I am already working on tomorrows post!

Until then guy’s, take care and I’ll speak with you all again soon.