Tingkam Home Lighting LED’s Review!

Hey Everyone!

One of the main things I planned for my gaming setup upgrade was to add RGB LED lighting to create a nice glow both around the rear of my monitors, but also around my desk and having used LED’s in the past I somewhat knew what was possible but wanted to test with a different brand.

Adding LED lighting to a computer setup may seem a novelty to some and many people have told me there’s not much point in doing it however since I’ve added them they have helped with reducing headaches and eye fatigue.

The brightness of the LED’s is perfect and can be adjusted to suit though I keep mine on full brightness and they create an amazing effect behind my triple monitors as well as around and below my desk.

The price of these LED’s isalso fairly low compared to others I’ve used in the past at only £28 however the adhesive does seem to lack in quality somewhat.

A few days after fitting them parts of the lighting came unstuck and I had to adapt it to re-stick it back into place but other than this slight issue I am more than happy so far though a company called Vvbox have some clips that I’ll be checking out which allows you to screw a clip into place to prevent the led strips from falling off.

The 44 key remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness, light modes and colors is fairly easy to understand as well and gives various colors and modes from static single color to flashing or even an option to fade through all the available colors.

In the box you get the full 10m “32.8ft” rgb flexible led strip, 44 key remote control and UK power supply which includes the on/off switch and remote sensor.

Overall I am happy with the quality of these led’s and they come highly recommended, if you want to get some yourself and support my in the process you can buy them here (Only UK orders currently support me when using my Amazon Affiliate links).

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