Titanfall or COD? Which do I like best…

Hey everyone, I’m back with another blog post and this time I’m probably going to annoy some Titanfall addicts (lol)

So after playing Titanfall and Cod Ghosts for an equal amount of time I’ve decided to look back at both titles and pick the one I like best, what I don’t like and which I would rather play more of… So keep reading!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or in your bedroom without internet access you probably haven’t heard of Titanfall but I think it’s safe to say you probably have… it’s pretty much a game that has taken ideas from other games such as Cod and attempted to make the best game ever and in my honest opinion they failed.

I somewhat enjoy pace of Titanfall as it really does keep you thinking during the entire session, if you stop for a second you’ll be executed or stepped on/punched by a Titan so you pretty much have to keep moving if you want a fighting chance however at the same time this is why I hate it.

Coming away from playing the last 5 titles of Cod the gameplay experience is huge, if you play Titanfall after Cod with the mindset your amazing at shooting games then think again… both games are so different and it’s this reason that Titanfall is almost, annoying.

I get that in Cod players will gang up and the same is true with Titanfall and I guess it’s probably to be expected with these types of games however I honestly feel that Cod is a lot more realistic (forgetting the Titans for a second) the guns in Titanfall are probably realistic in Narnia and with me being a bigger fan of realistic game titles I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed with Titanfall and personally I believe it was over-hyped.

I’ve read so many comments online as to how Titanfall is a Cod killer, it’s going to put an end to Cod and whatever else people have said that I ignored but honestly speaking I disagree. If the developers from Titanfall and Cod both released a game tomorrow….I’d go with Cod.

So, what’s the best thing about Titanfall in my opinion? well that would have to be that EA will refund you if you don’t enjoy it….Lucky for me as I’m already going about getting this said refund!

Please feel free to sign up and leave your own comments below, unlike many websites, forums and Facebook groups I won’t hate you if you have a different opinion… I might ban you though 😉

Thanks for reading!