Twitch streaming update!

Hey everyone!

I’ve had people asking me why I haven’t started streaming yet and when I plan to start, so I decided to post this blog so hopefully people can understand more…

The initial plan was to being streaming a few months ago since I now have a PC capable of streaming without any issues and I set about setting up my Twitch profile and even setting up my own Discord for followers.

Once everything was done I attempted to do a launch stream though experienced difficulties where I was dropping frames, changes have since been made to “hopefully” solve the issue.

Since all of this my life took a bit of nose dive and I’ve been struggling with my mental health again, while I was dealing with my demons I sadly suffered the loss of one of my closest childhood friends which caused a huge set back.

I am now working with specialists and have accepted counseling to help put me back in place and hopefully get myself back to a point where Twitch streaming seems more realistic and I can focus more time and energy on it rather than not really caring.

My plans with Twitch are huge so for those that still do support me, I’m not giving up… I’m just taking time to get my head into a decent place again. I know some streamers have seemed to turn their backs on me and have since stopped supporting me and I totally understand.

Thanks for reading if you did, the support I have received has been amazing and hopefully you all understand the position I’m in.