Twitch update…

Hello everyone!

For those that weren’t already aware I have decided to put my YouTube venture on hold for the moment in exchange for Live Streaming on Twitch.Tv though my YouTube Vlog’s WILL continue but at a slower rate.

A few years ago I did a stream on Twitch but due to personal reasons I didn’t continue but the recent support I have received from Twitch viewers and streamers has pushed me to make a return however this time, the plan is to go full time!

I have some financial support behind me which I will not discuss in public though they are given to me due to my current health issues and this will support me for around 2 years as well as extra support for self employment and so on…

The main reason I have decided to venture onto Twitch is due to the fact that on YouTube, I was almost a lone soldier in a battle field trying to juggle everything on my own from negative comments and trolls abusing rating system however with my Twitch channel I have bots and human moderators taking care of everything for me so I just have to focus on the game and Twitch chat.

As Twitch will pretty much be my full time job I have lots of plans and ideas including game servers in the pipeline and clothing ready to launch as soon as I decide to click a button.

Now I want to discuss why the “planned” launch failed…

With my current internet speeds I have to find the right settings in order to have a stable connection, this connection will enable me to stream without interruptions though finding the right settings can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Personally I am lucky enough to be friends with some amazing streamers on Twitch and they have helped me with the more technical side of live streaming, I am currently busy working on setting up the streaming software so hopefully the official launch stream shouldn’t be far away.

I want to thank everyone that has supported me in this venture, if it was at all possible I would list everyone though that would be a fairly extensive list…

For more information on my Twitch venture and everything else, be sure to bookmark my website and follow me on Twitter @KevFaheyCentral.

Until next time, thanks for reading and I’ll speak with you all again soon.