Website is now Ad supported, but why…

Hey everyone!

So as most may have seen I have decided to implement adverts to the website via google adsense, this wasn’t an easy decision as I try not to have my website ad supported however as income has taken a bit of a dive it was something that I had to seriously consider.

The fact of it is I need to ensure I can earn enough from the website to at least meet the yearly domain name renewal fees and as I took all adverts off my site I was earning nothing however I was able to make up that money elsewhere.

There is a plus side though…

Since I have made the move to put the adverts back into place I am now going to be posting a lot more for people to read, mainly it’ll be info about me in regards to mental health, YouTube, Live Streams etc however I really want to write more product and game reviews as well.

As well as the above I am also thinking of adding an image gallery and trying (if I can) to add all of my YouTube videos to another gallery page with the latest upload being featured in the site’s sidebar site-wide but this won’t be happening just yet.

I have many plans in the pipeline and I plan to start from now so expect regular updates from me!

But for now, thanks for reading and I’ll see you all soon.