Weebly.com review…

Hey everyone, another day another post and this time I’ve decided to do a review of a website I have used previously.

Weebly.com is a website that allows people to sign up and build themself a working website without having to have experience in html / php coding, meaning anyone can build their own website and get it online in a very short space of time.

Once you have signed up you just pick a template that you like the most and begin editing the content by dragging content options on to the layout, this is then were you will be able to write out your content and add any images.

Once you’ve added all the content / images to the layout you can then publish the project meaning anyone on the internet can see what you have put together.

What are the pro’s?
Obviously the pro’s are that anyone can use Weebly and the turn around times are a lot shorter than they would be if you were to design a website from scratch.

As well as the above Weebly also offer various addons such as a contact form, forums and a blog plus more for paid users however the contact form is basic and won’t do you any favours where spam is concerned.

So, what are the con’s?
The con’s are admitidly rather few, however the main one which I believe is a major con is that you can spend as long as you like working on your website but chances are there’ll be another one somewhere online just like yours.

Personal opinion?
I always advise people not to use site’s like Weebly, in my honest opinion they are only out to make money from those that lack the skills to create custom websites of their own. You are probably far better of investing money in to freelance web designers