Weight loss update!

Hey everyone!

If you have been following my whole weight loss journey from the start you’ll know that for years I tried to lose weight by changing diets and accepting medication from my doctors then following a few health scares along the way I became more determined to lose weight.

Clearly some people don’t fully understand the reasons behind why I want to lose weight, with some believing cyber bullies is the reason while others (you awesome people) accept that I want to change for me and my own benefits.

For about 10 years or so I pretty much maintained and consistent weight with minor loss and gains, even with the minor losses in weight I figured that when I lost a bit of weight it pushed me to try and lose more though with some of the people around me… this wasn’t always easy.

We all know at least one person who feels they know best at any subject so when I began to have slight problems I was told by these “Know-it-alls” that I was showing signs of being a diabetic and even with medical professionals telling me they were wrong, they were still right (or at least in their heads they were).

Even after all the tests that I have had one fact still remains:

While I am not currently diabetic, being over weight is putting me at an increased risk and it is mainly for this reason that I am pushing myself harder to lose more weight (Plus, have you tried buying plus size clothing? It’s not easy!)

With a bit of a set back that caused me to regain weight that I spent a few months burning off now behind me, I am now back on the road to losing weight again and fortunately I have already seen a slight loss in weight!

I will be doing my best to post regular updates on changes to my dieting and physical activities plus any weight loss, hopefully this time I can take off a fair bit of weight and try to keep it off.

Thanks for reading if you did, you’re all awesome and I will be blogging a lot more in the coming weeks!