What is the AMD Gaming Evolved App?

Hey Guys!!

A few months ago I had an update for my MSI R9 390 graphics card so doing as we are always advised I updated, after the update I noticed two programs had also been installed… WITHOUT my consent.

One of them was an “app” for Plays.tv which allows you to add gameplay clips that are recorded while you play games then share them with friends, not something I really want considering I have a YouTube account.

The other was the AMD Gaming Evolved “app” which is the brainchild of AMD and Raptr, this “App” detects your games library, allows you to stream to Twitch etc, offers points just for gaming and… it can also optimize your games.

DO NOT Allow the app optimize your games!!

Like a fool I believed that AMD being who they are, were (somewhat) capable of actually helping so I allowed the app to optimize some of my games. the app decided most of my games such as Minecraft, Faming Sim 15 etc were already optimized (yes, because I done it) though ETS2 and ATS were not optimized.

Fast forward a few weeks, I decide to play some ETS2 and ATS until I found neither of them actually worked like they used to with ETS2 crashing on startup and ATS lagging before eventually crashing as well.

I checked the games on steam to ensure they were fully updated to the latest stable release and they were, then I was told to check the config files and all seemed pretty normal yet still not actually working.

I then decided to contact a company that I use a lot and ask for there advice, could it be an issue with my GPU? or something else…

They told me that it was more likely due to the AMD Gaming Evolved “app” optimization of the games and the only possible fix was to reinstall the affected games, because we don’t really know what was changed I was recommended to start from fresh.

Over 270 hours on ETS2 wasted and close to 100 hours on ATS also wasted because of a poxy, lame “app” that I didn’t want in the first place!

In my honest opinion these “apps” should be flagged as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and treated as Adware, they have space on peoples computers and every time I have an AMD update they will be uninstalled once the update is complete.

Take my advice…

If you have any AMD graphics cards and these “apps” install themselves to your computer… Uninstall them and DO NOT let the Gaming Evolved app ruin your games like it did with mine!

Thanks for reading, take care and happy gaming!!