What is the “Slightly Modded Minecraft” Series?

Hey everyone!

Today I will be launching my first YouTube “let’s play” series know as, “Slightly Modded Minecraft” and I thought before it all kicks off and goes live I might as well speak a little about it and explain why… Slightly modded?

Over the years I have become a huge fan of Minecraft and I have actually been playing it since before 1.7 (which was a while ago now) however I’ve found myself becoming a little tired of vanilla Minecraft pretty fast and with 1.7.10 being the most modded version I started at the right time.

For example: Vanilla Minecraft (non-modded) seems to lack a lot so it’s usually fine for a few weeks/months then you’re usually done, however with Modded you can play for months and months and still find something new to do!

I started my modded minecraft venture with FTB DireWolf20 and eventually moved onto other packs before taking a break from Minecraft altogether.

Since getting back into Minecraft I have found myself back into the worlds of Modded again however since I’ve been out for a while I thought it’d be ideal to start light then work my way back up.

My friend and Twitch streamer GTRedWolf created a light modpack for his Twitch regulars server that almost ticked all of my boxes, however the pack is aimed at those still new to modded Minecraft.

Add my return to Minecraft with my return to full-time YouTube recording the two pretty much went hand in hand and I decided to record my venture with re-learning modded Minecraft and hopefully help a few others learn as well… Probably from my mistakes!

I aim to upload regular videos from now on also covering other game titles as well, so if you haven’t subscribed to my Gaming channel… Go do it 😉


Until next time thank you for reading, you’re all awesome and I’ll see you all again soon!