Why I bought a Mackie ProFX8 Mixer…

Hey everyone!

Some of you may know that my audio setup runs an XLR microphone and as these can’t just simply plug in to your PC via a cable, they require a device to manage it which is why I used to use a focusrite scarlett 2i2 audio interface.

The 2i2 interface is basically a desktop soundcard that takes the xlr mic cable input and feeds into the PC via usb, however while it does the job absolutely fine I felt it was rather limited to one job… Powering my Audio Technica AT2035.

But what if I wanted to control game audio or music? The Focusrite can’t do this and right now, neither can my Mackie but eventually with some future projects it will.

As a YouTube content creator I strive to achieve the best quality possible, I hand-built my own £3,000 gaming PC to improve gameplay qualities so it made sense (to me at least) to make a change in my audio setup which is why I added the Mackie ProFX8.

The ProFX8 isn’t an interface like the Focusrite, it’s a full-on Professional 8-channel Compact Mixer that in time will allow me to control not only my microphone but also game and music audio as well.

So far having now owned both, the only downfall to having the Mackie mixer is it’s size… Even for a compact mixer it is still bigger than the Focusrite but this is because it does so much more, it just doesn’t fit on my current desk!

So why buy it now and not later?

There were two questions I asked myself before confirming the order on Amazon…

  • Do I really need it now?
  • Should I wait and get it later?

Firstly, “Do I really need it now?” To be honest, probably not however having already tested the sound it puts out… It is an improvement over the Focusrite.

Secondly, “Should I wait and get it later?” Personally I believe that if you find a product that you want and you can afford, Get it! after all who knows… When you do finally decide to get it, it might not be available anymore.

Hopefully this gives a little insight as to why I decided to change and to be honest I could have spent my money on worse things, right?

Thanks for reading everyone, your support is amazing and with everyone pushing me to achieve my goals and ambitions I hope to make full use of the mixer very soon…

Thanks guys!