Why I built my gaming setup!

Hello everyone!

These days every gamer takes huge pride in their gaming setup, whether it’s in their bedroom or a seperate dedicated room however for some of us the reason behind it can differ.

On various occasions I have been attacked by people who has insisted I am doing nothing more than simply wasting money in buying parts to create my own space without attempting to find out why, so in this post I’ll be opening up and explaining why I created my setup…

The computer:

Firstly I have personally owned four custom built PC’s in my lifetime including my current gaming PC however the previous builds were done on a fraction of the cost my newest PC had.

Also since my main focus at the moment being a YouTube gamer, I spend a lot of time encoding and rendering which is something my previous computers would struggle with so I decided to build a purpose built PC that could do more than I need to prevent having to do any upgrades in the near future.

The complete setup:

Part of the reason I wanted to have half of my bedroom dedicated to my gaming setup with the addition of the new desk, led lighting etc is to have a space where I can relax while I play games and do everything else that I do online.

However many people may not know that over the last 4 or 5 years I have lost a lot of self confidence and have struggled more and more with my anxities, the main result in this means I find it a huge struggle to leave my house.

Certain activities that require me to leave my house can cause huge panic attacks due to my anxities and social phobias, which also means I tend to get attacked by people that label me as lazy for not leaving my house for days.

On average I can leave my house for less than an hour in the evenings simply to walk my dog as the times I do this is usually when nobody is around, as a result my bedroom is pretty much the only place I really feel safe.

So hopefully this will give people a bit of an insight as to why I take so much pride in what I have managed to create over the last year, I’m not posting this for sympthy or as an excuse it is simply in the hope that people can learn and understand.

Until next time thank you for reading if you made it this far, I plan on posting more and becoming more regular though the best way to keep up follow me on Twitter: @KevFaheyCentral