YouTube changes explained…

Hello everyone!

Some of you may have noticed that my two YouTube channels have recently changed names, the main channel “KevFahey Vlogs” was the first to change to “KevFahey Gaming”.

This is due to the fact that I am hugely into gaming and as much as I love to record vlogs and other videos my true passion is being a gamer, coupled with the fact that most of the users subscribed to the channel know me more than anything as a Gamer it made sense to convert that channel to the gaming channel.

On the KevFahey Gaming channel from now, I will purely be uploading gameplay content which I will be working on recording over the coming weeks, this means no more vlogs…


Lots of people also enjoyed watching my vlogs and following my life through the camera and personally I also wanted to continue to vlog, this is why my second channel “KevFahey Plays” changed over to “KevFahey Xtra”.

On KevFahey Xtra you will find my future vlogs, unboxings, reviews and pretty much everything else that I record. I guess the easiest way to explain the change is…

KevFahey Gaming = Gameplay uploads

KevFahey Xtra = Any video content that doesn’t include gameplay footage.

Hopefully this has cleared things up and I personally promise everyone that since these changes, I will be pushing myself again to record lots more content very soon.

Until then, thank you to everyone that has supported me and all of my projects…

Thanks for reading!